Our Future Prosperity

Preparing Minnesota Students
to Be Leaders in Math and Science

Image of WebcastWednesday, April 22, 2009
Minneapolis Convention Center

Minnesota’s economy relies on growth and innovation in the science, engineering, and medical sectors. Yet, when we examine performance gaps, the number of women and minority students excelling in these high-skill, high-wage professions is leveling off or even declining.

Our children will enter the workforce in an economy in which math, technology, and the sciences will play a leading role. That’s why the state is seeking to raise math and science standards to ensure all students have rigorous opportunities to excel in these essential skills.

Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to travel into space, delivered an inspiring keynote address. Dr. Jemison has been a NASA astronaut and a Peace Corps medical officer, among other professions in science, medicine, and engineering. Presently, Dr. Jemison leads several technology companies she has founded.

Dr. Eric Jolly, president of the Science Museum of Minnesota, also lead a discussion, inviting local youth to share their direct experiences with classroom opportunities and expectations in math and science.

One Response to Our Future Prosperity

  1. Kelly Black says:

    Dr. Jemison,

    I just watched the re-broadcast the 2009 event. I was struck and your grasp and understanding of the issues and your wonderful discussion of your background. The conflict in your background is an awesome starting point in breaking from the traditional educational model of “one size fits all”, or “pick a path” model.

    Your point on the algebra requirement in the 8th grade was very poignant with me as I cheated to get in to algebra class, and that cheating provided me a great amount of success later in life!

    As to your point of nature vs nurture, my parents did not either discourage my want to explore a future in the sciences, but neighbors that were engineers had huge role in my future.

    The other speakers on the program were impressive as well and I could go on, but need to end this open letter now

    Thanks again,
    Kelly Black

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