2009 Education Series

Raising ExpectationRaising ExpectationRaising ExpectationRaising Expectation

Raising Expectations:
Educating all of our students for a changing world

Our schools have never been asked to meet the challenges they are required to meet today. As our workforce needs are changing, the economy becomes more global, and Baby Boomers retire, Minnesota will need to change the way it educates students to ensure a successful future for us all. Factor in demographic changes, alarming racial achievement gaps, and a lack of learning readiness among preschoolers and the urgency of this task increases.

The 2009 season of Minnesota Meeting explored how our education system – and the communities that support it – must adapt to an increasingly global economy and an increasingly diverse state.

In three Minnesota Meeting events, thousands of Minnesotans – including leaders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors – used this important forum to learn about and discuss these and other challenges that raise expectations for our schools and our students. Featuring national experts and local practitioners, the series has inspired and mobilized us at a critical moment.

The events were held in downtown Minneapolis at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and were attended by business and political leaders, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders, educators, and students. The events were also broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television’s Minnesota Channel and on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midday program, reaching tens of thousands of Minnesotans statewide.

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